And you thought the fridge with a TV built-in was taking things too far.

Because humanity simply won’t stop until every appliance has some sort of touch-screen and wi-fi functionality built-in, Sharp has announced a electronic cutting board so you can watch TV while you chop your vegetables. The Chop-Syc interactive chopping board is basically a tablet device that can be used as a digital scale, a calculator, an internet browser to look up recipes, and you can apparently also chop things on it.

It was developed as the result of the “#GetItDownOnPaper” competition held by Sharp Europe. The lucky winner, Siobhán Andrews, a student of Sustainable Product Design at Falmouth University, England, had an idea for an interactive chopping board that apparently impressed the judges as well as the folks at Sharp Laboratories so much that they have now put together a Chop-Syc prototype.

If you’re worried about using a sharp knife to cut liquidy ingredients on top of an LCD screen, Sharp has assured us that the board is made from a special type of toughened scratch-resistant glass, and has a digital touch-sensitive screen that uses the LCD technology Sharp is famous for.

Managing Director of Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ian Thompson, has commented that the Chop-Syc “solves a genuine human need to tackle the global issue of obesity through the integration of healthy recipes and portion sizes.”

So there you have it kids, it’s not another useless pairing of technology with something that clearly doesn’t need it, it’s going to solve obesity.

Source: Rocket News 24

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