“The name’s Blackeye Bowgart.” You sure it isn’t Robert Shaw?

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot has, up till now, concentrated on that overbearing windbag Sir Painhammer, but there are other members of Opulencia’s elite that you should meet. Among them is this cheerful fellow Blackeye Bowgart, part Robert Shaw, part Robbing Hood, and he’s got a few new tricks to show you. Should you be worried about his slings and arrows aiming for your outrageous fortune? Probably, but those hamsters and that chicken army will also cause you concern.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is Ubisoft’s castle-raiding romp. You build your defenses strong and hope they stand the test when your neighbors come calling, and meanwhile pay visits to their loot vaults as often as possible. It’s going to be a free-to-play when it finally launches, but at the moment it’s in closed alpha, and there’s no confirmed release date yet. This one’s strictly for the PC crowd, at least for now, but Ubisoft isn’t ruling out consoles; time enough for that build, Ubisoft thinks, when the PC version is perfected.

Just bear in mind, when you finally are able to design your Opulencia hacienda, that folks just like Blackeye will want to pay you a visit. Better train those hamsters to be extra mean!

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