William Shatner gets together with an old friend for some co-op Star Trek gaming, with gloriously inevitable results.

I don’t know if Star Trek: The Videogame will be any good, although given that it’s a tie-in to a summer blockbuster I’m not holding my breath. But I can say with confidence that this ad starring William Shatner, AKA the original (read: real) Captain Kirk, and an old, boulder-tossing friend is nothing short of awesome.

It’s nice to see that they’ve mostly-sort-of patched things up since the classic Star Trek original series episode “Arena,” (which I implore you to see if you haven’t, if only because it features one of the most famous (or perhaps infamous) Star Trek fights of all time) but even so, you have to feel a little bad for poor Bill. 45 years later and the guy still has to put up with this kind of guffola. But can you believe the guy is 82 years old? The man’s an octogenarian and still judo-chopping the crap out of giant, hissing lizardmen.

The Gorn as they appear in the trailer are considerably different than they appeared in the original series, but the race is famous for being far more heard of than actually seen, and the CGI version seen in Enterprise presented them in a far different light too. And hey, it’s not as though Star Trek has never dramatically altered the appearance of other alien races – Klingons, anyone?

Man. 45 years. Now I’m starting to feel too old for this kind of thing too.

Star Trek: The Videogame comes out on April 23 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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