Gamers with twitchy zombie-killing trigger fingers and a taste for all things retro might want to grab a buddy for this co-op “de-make” of Left 4 Dead a la the NES.

We first learned about Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead back in November as the work of one Eric Ruth, a 28-year-old independent game designer with a passion for retro flair. He intends to use the “Pixel Force” name to release a series of free retro versions of modern games.

Now up is Left 4 Dead (not L4D2, L4D1) which features all four original survivors, all four original campaigns, two levels of difficulty and as much faithfulness to the original as you can get with the technological limitations of the NES. The above video – from the Death Toll campaign – shows off how the game plays, from the Infected (watch out for those Hunters, Louis!) to the… well, okay, just the Infected, really.

You can download Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead for free from sites like Strategy Informer. Will it someday show up on Steam? Who knows – maybe it’ll be packaged in with Left 4 Dead 3.

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