All you need to survive the zombie apocalypse are fast fingers and a grasp of the alphabet.

One would think we’d seen every possible variation of the zombie apocalypse, but like the undead themselves, they just won’t stop coming. Perhaps the most unique example was Typing of the Dead, a House of the Dead 2 remake that replaced lightguns with keyboards. By furiously spelling out words that appeared on-screen, players could fend off slowly approaching zombies and live to play another level. It’s a clever idea, but one that’s remained pretty much dormant until the recent launch of Zombie Typomaniac HD. This new iPad title from GameYawp seeks to revitalize the zombie spelling genre with bigger hordes, massive undead bosses, and a comprehensive dictionary.

Zombie Typomaniac takes an all-ages approach to zombie killing with an art style more reminiscent of Plants Vs Zombies than Dawn of the Dead. That’s not to say the game isn’t a challenge, however. Each of Zombie Typomaniac‘s 28 story missions pit you against hordes of zombies that can be killed by correctly spelling the word above their heads. With dozens of zombies approaching at any given moment, players need to rush through the word list before being completely overwhelmed. Combine that with a difficulty that adjusts to your WPM and 24 different monster types (including double-word zombies and yetis), and you’ll realize that the real threat isn’t the zombies, it’s the typos.

Zombie Typomaniac also comes with an unending survival mode and 20 unlockable outfits for its male and female avatars. It’s already available for iOS, so anyone wanting to kill zombies and feel smart doing it can shamble their way to an online App Store.

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