Short Memory 2.0 Takes Your Memories to the Next Level

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Check out our behind-the-scenes interview with Memory 2.0 filmmakers Dugan O’Neal and Wilson Bethel.

We’re searching for the next great sci-fi filmmaker with the Prototype contest, where eight filmmakers are vying for a chance to win a feature film deal with New Regency. You can check out the short films by all eight finalists right now, but if you want to go behind the scenes to learn more about the creation of these movies, we’re publishing interviews with the Prototype filmmakers.

Today, you can take a peek into the minds behind Memory 2.0 in our interview, where filmmakers Wilson and Dugan explain the trick to making their sci-fi story work:

Wilson: The most difficult thing about a story like this is making sure that, on one hand, it makes a certain amount of sense; and, on the other, that you don’t get bogged down in explaining why it makes sense. There’s a really fine balance there. Additionally, it’s a love story and pulling that off in short form is really tricky because you need the audience to care about your characters and be invested in their relationship having only known them for a few minutes.

Dugan: Also the tricky thing with sci-fi is that you are creating the rules for this fictional world and you have to make sure it stays accessible and believable to the audience. Once you change one rule or idea, it effects everything. It starts to get very tricky.

For more, check out our interview or go watch Memory 2.0 for yourself.


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