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Should You Visit the Moon or the Lunar Orbital Station in Starfield?

A Starfield player standing on a planet. But should you visit the Moon?

By the time Starfield takes place, Earth is a desert. But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit other heavenly bodies in the Solar System. And with the Moon still there you might be wondering if you should visit the Moon or the Lunar Orbital Station in Starfield?

Here’s Why and When You Should Head to the Moon in Starfield

You’ll head to the Moon in search of a missing explorer as part of the main Constellation quest line. The clues will send you to the Moon’s Lunar Orbital Station, known as the Nova Galactic Star Shipyard. Once inside, you’ll find it’s been taken over by spacers and pirates, so you’re in for a fight. That means that unless you’re reasonably well armed and well prepared you might want to hold off on heading there until you absolutely have to.

As for the Moon? There’s nothing particularly dangerous about the Moon. There are a few locations to explore (and plunder), and leaping around in low gravity is rather cool. You’re also not going to find a secret underground cache of cheese or anything like that. That said, I did find a landed starship that I could steal. Prior to that, every parked starship I’d encountered had its hatch sealed (not just locked).

So, you should visit the Moon because, well, it’s the Moon, but you should probably hold off on visiting the Lunar Orbital Station until the main quest line of Starfield sends you there. And if you have any other questions about the game, be sure to take a look through our comprehensive set of guides to see if we have an answer.

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