Shovel Knight will be available on the PC, Wii U, and 3DS.

Shovel Knight, the 8-bit Kickstarter success story, will be hitting a PC, Wii U or 3DS near you “this winter”, Tweets developer Yacht Club Games. The game, which was initially slated for a September release, should be out by the end of February, and will be available on all of it’s initial platforms simultaneously.

To tide fans over during the release delay, Yacht Club Games has released a new trailer for Shovel Knight, showcasing “a mashup of old and new”. The trailer shows a lot of gameplay from the game, which looks like a Mega Man-meets-DuckTales affair, brought into the world of today with a couple of modern gaming innovations.

It should come as no surprise that Yacht Club Games is made up of former WayForward games staff, the studio responsible for the recently released DuckTales remastered.

Shovel Knight‘s Kickstarter initially asked for just $75,000, but ended up raising over $300,000 – four times that number. It reached every single stretch goal, which is probably why the game is being delayed past it’s initial release date.

The game’s success, along with similar retro platforming re-imaginings like Mighty No. 9, just goes to show that the market for these games indeed still exists in force, despite what the big-name publishers are telling us.

Source: Kickstarter, Twitter via Nintendo Life

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