Kathleen’s out of town on business this week, so I’m taking over the column. God help us all.

The “Shit X Say” meme is one that will hopefully run its course very soon, but not before we’ve been inundated with every possible iteration of random people spouting out-of-context one-liners. It’s certainly showing no sign of stopping soon, considering the most popular of these, Shit Girls Say, has a staggering 14 million views. It’s the sort of thing that would make me depressed as a web content creator, if I wasn’t so dashing and confident.

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If this meme were labelled accurately-not the internet’s forte-it would actually be “the most irritating shit said by the most annoying examples of X”, because that’s really what it is. However that’s doesn’t trip off the tongue quite as well.

When imagining this video, we wanted it to be three things, firstly a commentary on the meme. The section on Magic: The Gathering (the extended cut of which is here) only illustrates the most negative phrases said by MtG players. The meme only focuses on the negative, because showing a Magic player saying, “That was a good match, can I try my other deck?” isn’t funny any more than a girl saying, “That was a nice evening.”

Obviously, the second purpose of this video is to be a parody. So many of the lesser iterations of this meme are just as predictable as our “Tongue Biting” section. We’re basically saying, of course people say that in those circumstances… that’s what one does.

Despite all that, the final thing we wanted this video to be is… well, is a “shit x say” video. Why not? We’re not above it. Shit Mimes Say was open territory and really only works as a one-note joke (only really made funny by lamp-shading it with the mime speaking actual dialogue). The Magic and D&D ones were going to happen eventually, no reason we can’t be the ones to do it, we have extensive history with both of those games. People Buried Alive… well that was just funny to us.

We hope you enjoyed this LRR take on the meme. Please let us know what you thought of this week’s Loading Time video in the comments, and if you have any specific questions you’d like us to address in future episodes, let us know!

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