Shumatsucon 2017 Cosplay Gallery

Who doesn’t love cosplay? We certainly do! Here’s a big-ass gallery of cosplay from the recent Shumatsucon 2017 held in Columbus, Ohio.


Who is this? The Warden from For Honor.
Cosplayer: Anthony Varney

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tuxedo mask

Who is this? Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

you're a mean one captain hook

Who is this? Captain Hook, from the Disney animated feature

vault dweller

Who is this? Lady Vault Dweller from Fallout.


Who is this? Umi from Love Live by Erica Faye.

Who is this? Wall-E
Creater: [email protected]

Who is this? Cosplay competition dance group, the B-Beats. Performing to music from Love Live.

Who is this? Cosplay Dance Performance Princess Tutu.
Cosplayer: Stella Thomas

Who is this? Star Wars competition contestents and a Star Wars cosplay group.
Cosplayer: Cosplay group


Who is this? TM Revolution from Ignited music video by Mothman Cosplay.
Cosplayer: @MothmanCosplay

team rising sun

Who is this? Gym Leader, Team Rising Sun. Flying Dragon Type
Cosplayer: Anna Petersen

ruby and qrow

Who is this? Ruby and Qrow from Rwby.

  • @spookytums
  • @skylar.rayne19
  • serena

    Who is this? Serena from Pokemon X


    Who is this? Rin, a crossover cosplay with Love Live and Vocaloid
    Cosplayer: Luna Berichon


    Who is this? Britty Kitty
    Cosplayer: @brittykittycosplay

    Who is this? Two Aquaman cosplayers. With Trident. (When you see it…)

  • Aquaman (right) Caleb Miller
  • Aquaman (left) Michael Mills

  • Who is this? Overwatch Cosplay!

  • Devil Skin Mercy – @karacosplays
  • Casual D.VA – Hayley Talcott
  • Reinhardt – Unknown
  • rising sun dark gym

    Who is this? Dark Gym Leader for Shumatsucon’s Rising Sun Pokemon group


    Who is this? The Riddler. The cosplayer gave his name as one Mr. Edward Nygma of Fire Team Harmony.


    Who is this?Porco Rosso
    Cosplayer: Roger


    Who is this? Sometimes, you’re taking pictures of some Aquamen and their Tridents, and you get photobombed by dual Jack(s) Sparrow.


    Who is this? Cosplay competition – Negan from The Walking Dead.


    Who is this? Nariko from Heavenly Sword.
    Cosplayer: @SkyDropPhotography

    Who is this? Odette, the Swan Princess.
    Cosplayer: Momo Kurumi

    Who is this? Princess Beauty from Smile Pretty Cure. Won Best in Craftmanship.

    Who is this? Super Saiyan fight with Dragonball Z cosplayers.

  • @krischillin_cosplay

  • Who is this? MC’s Choice Award Winner
    Cosplayer: Oreassin

    madame red

    Who is this? Madame Red from Black Butler


    Who is this? Cosplay competition – Naruto

    lapis and pumpkin

    Who is this? Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. With Pumpkin.

    Who is this? Japanese Lolita style fashion.


    Who is this? The Koala Ken
    The Koala Times

    karas_golden guy

    Who is this? Karas


    Who is this? Captain Jack Sparrow. I asked him where all the rum had gone, but he just shook his head and said, “Shh!”


    Who is this? Kaidan from Mass Effect. Won Best in Craftsmanship.
    Cosplayer: Brittany Reynolds


    Who is this? Johnny Bravo
    Cosplayer: Zachariah Bradley


    Who is this? Cosplay competition – TM Revolution from Ignited music video.


    Who is this? Captain Hook, from the Disney animated feature Peter Pan.


    Who is this? Draculaura from Monster High
    Kagaku Cosplay


    Who is this? Akaashi from Haikyu!!
    Cosplayer: @agenttexascosplay

    gambit and white queen

    Who is this? Gambit and The White Queen from X-Men
    Cosplayer: GambitBlitzkrieg Cosplay


    Who is this? Dark Magician Girl from Yugioh

    bobs burgers

    Who is this? Jimmy Jr., Tina, Bob, and Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

  • Jimmy Jr. –
  • Tina:
  • Louise:
  • Bob: Ty
  • brolaf

    Who is this? Olaf (Brolaf)from League of Legends(Originally mislabeled as Overwatch.)
    Cosplayer: Nick Talcott


    Who is this? Ariel from The Little Mermaid

    black canary

    Who is this? Black Canary
    Mal Perro Cosplay

    astrid and hiccup

    Who is this? Astrid and Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. They won Best Novice in the cosplay competition.
    Cosplayer: @maykay08

    arrow and sherlock

    Who is this? Green Arrow and Sherlock Holmes
    Green Arrow: Traveling Wolf Cosplay
    Sherlock: Worthy Thunder

    Who is this? Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove
    Cosplayer: Blitzkrieg Cosplay

    Who is this? Raven, from Teen Titans. She won a cosplay competition award. Crimson Cosplay.

    Who is this? Astrid and Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. They won Best Novice in the cosplay competition.
    Cosplayer: @maykay08

    Who is this? Ciel, Sebastian, and Madame Red from the anime Black Butler.
    Sebastian: @Butler.Guts
    Ciel: @Deep.Nerd
    Madame Red: @GalacticBeau

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