Shut up And Take my Silver: Destiny Introduces Microtransactions


On October 13, Destiny will be getting its very own premium currency: silver, which will be used to purchase emotes.

Most MMOs out there have some kind of microtransaction store or premium currency these days, and it now looks like Destiny, despite being a weird MMO/FPS mashup, is planning on walking the same path. Today, Bungie announced that microtransactions will be added to the game on October 13, in the form of a purchasable premium currency: Silver.

Silver will be purchasable via the Xbox Live or PlayStation Network store, although Bungie did not give any indication of how much real-world money it will cost. It’ll be used to buy in-game emotes at the game’s new Eververse Trading Company. As with all drugs, the first hit is free, so Bungie will be giving all players a small batch of free Silver so they can get “an emote or two” free-of-charge.

Bungie have stressed that the emotes are purely cosmetic, and “won’t impact the action game in any way,” so “pay-2-win” concerns can be shelved… at least for now. There will be 18 emotes added with the store’s launch, and from the wording it looks like they will have varying costs between them.

Fans may recall a bit of controversy that arose around The Taken King‘s launch, in that a suite of exclusive emotes were locked behind the special collector’s edition wall, forcing early adopters to essentially re-buy the entire game to gain access to them.

Let’s just hope that this new store sticks to purely cosmetic items…

Source: Bungie

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