Pokémon: The Musical puts a silly and subtly more mature spin on the early days of Ash’s Pokémon adventure.

For a moment, forget all this new Pokémon Black & White business and think back to the old days of the franchise when it was just Ash and his Pikachu against the world. That’s the time that Pokémon: The Musical depicts, the start of Ash’s journey into the world of pocket-sized monsters, but with sexual innuendo, some foul language, and song-based Poké-battles to boot.

It’s the latest project of a group called The Online Musical. The video takes some liberties with the Pokémon franchise, altering key characters in significant ways.

For example, Gary’s just a nice guy that wants to be friends with Ash, but Ash constantly calls him a “dickface” and chastises him for stealing his XP. Meanwhile, the noble Professor Oak evidently parties too hard and engages in lecherous activities with Ash’s mom.

Overall, Pokémon: The Musical is well constructed and a pretty funny watch. I never thought I’d actually feel bad for Gary. Poor Gary.

Source: Pokémon Musical

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