SimCity Trailer Shows Off Pre-Order Incentives

The Heroes and Villains set lets you unleash super heroes and organized crime on your city.

Pre-order incentives have pretty much become the norm for games these days, with developers often dangling a tantalizing carrot of exclusive digital content for fans dedicated enough to put their money down early. SimCity is no different, and the latest trailer for EA’s city builder shows us the Heroes and Villains set that will be included free in the “limited edition” of the game. The set will allow players to place buildings that unlock “criminal masterminds” and “supreme superheroes” and follow their exploits throughout the city.

The trailer shows arch-rivals “Dr. Vu” and “Maxis Man” as they cause havoc throughout a city. Dr. Vu’s Evil Lair generates funds for the player with his high-tech research, but comes with the downside of an occasional act of terrorism. Thankfully, upgrading a police center to Maxis Man’s Super HQ brings in a superhero to keep Dr. Vu’s exploits in check.

The Heroes and Villains set comes free in both the limited and digital deluxe editions of the game. EA have not announced just how “limited” the limited edition will be, or how much the set will cost separately (if it’s even available at all), so for now you can presume that pre-ordering is the only way to secure it. You can pre-order the game from EA’s SimCity website, on Origin, or through various retailers. The digital deluxe edition also comes with the French, German and British city set.

SimCity is the 5th game in the SimCity franchise, following SimCity 4 in 2003. It will be released for the PC on March 5 and the Mac a little later.

Source: EA Official Youtube Channel

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