Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Trailer Goes Back to the Future


Sequel to 2005 cult-classic takes place before, after and during the original

Enough time has passed since Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Sin City consigned movie theater employees across the world to a frustrating weekend of repeating the phrase “Yes, the whole thing really is in black and white” that you’d be forgiven for thinking A Dame to Kill For is actually a remake. But no – it’s a sequel. And a prequel. And an in-between-quel.

Once again based on the notorious graphic novel series from comics legend/crazy-person Frank Miller, Dame will feature four individual noir-style stories set in a fictional crime-ridden city and told out of (chronological order). Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba are reprising their roles from the original, while Eva Green (recently of 300: Rise of an Empire, another Miller adaptation) is the titular “Dame.” Josh Brolin will play the younger, pre-plastic-surgery version of Clive Owen’s “Dwight,” while Dennis Haysbert replaces the late Michael Clarke Duncan as “Manute.”

While Frank Miller is credited as a co-director, the screenplay was adapted by William Monahan. Two of the stories (A Dame to Kill For and Just Another Saturday Night) are taken from the books, while two others (The Long Bad Night and The Fat Loss) are original stories also by Miller. Dame is set several years earlier than the previous film, while Saturday Night takes place during the events of That Yellow Bastard. Additionally, The Fat Loss is a direct sequel to Bastard, with Alba’s Nancy Callahan returning to wage vigilante war on the remnants of the powerful Rourke Family.

The film is due for release August 22nd.

Source: Dimension

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