Singer Boggie Photoshopped in Music Video Nouveau Parfum


The latest music video from Hungarian star Boggie gives us a look at the world of image manipulation and touch-ups in the entertainment world.

Everyone these days is fairly skeptical of magazine covers with glamorous models or movie stars. To a degree, Photoshop — or any image manipulation software — has changed the way we perceive beauty or even reality. Not that these models or stars weren’t already striking to begin with, but you can’t look at a picture these days without that nagging question of just how much touch-up was done.

Hungarian singing sensation Boggie took a jab at the practice in her latest music video, Nouveau Parfum, where the already-attractive singer goes through a digital makeover to make her stage ready as she sings. From the changing of hair color to creating eye symmetry, the video captures much of what goes on in retouching images for print and the internet.

Of course, the digital purists out there will tell you that it takes a ton of expertise to manipulate moving images, and there is a VFX credit in the video, so in all likelihood, Boggie went through several makeup sessions and shoots to get the various looks shown. But the transformation is no less impressive.

Source: Vimeo

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