Skip Battles & Unlock Max Stats in Final Fantasy 7 For iOS

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The classic RPG Final Fantasy 7 is available for iOS devices this week, and while it doesn’t change the visuals or story, it does come packaged with two unique features. With the touch of a button, newcomers can turn off random battles and unlock max stats for every character in their party.

Likely in an effort to make the lengthy RPG more palatable to a casual iPhone audience, these two ‘cheats’ come coded to help those that just want to experience the story without constant random battles or tough roadblock bosses. Unlike the newly announced FF7 remake, this 16$ app purchase doesn’t revamp in any significant ways. This is a direct port in every way, and if you’d like to get the full experience without cheats that’s still available.

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Encounters Mode & Max Stats Features

Instead of slogging through constant random battles in the world map or while exploring dungeons, now you can skip ahead and run through without fear. For those that don’t like grinding, there’s another solution to get instant high levels.

How to Toggle Encounters Off

The virtual touchscreen controller is a visible overlay that simulates something like a Playstation gamepad. You’ll use it to navigate menus and make selections.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice on conspicuous addition:

  • Encounters ON

Press this button to toggles Encounters ON or OFF. While OFF, you’ll skip all future random battles and only enter combat for story specific encounters. That includes any scripted enemy battles or bosses.

How to Turn on Maximum Stats

If you choose to toggle off random battles, there’s a good chance you’ll fall behind in levels very quickly. To avoid that, there’s another new ‘cheat’ you can use to make boss fights a breeze.

To get max stats on all characters, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the Party Menu
  • 2. Select Config
  • 3. Scroll down and select Max Stats

That’s all it takes to power-up and punch through those roadblocks.

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