Skullgirls PC Beta is Now Avalaible


Backers of the Skullgirls IndieGoGo campaign should check their Humble Bundle pages for a beta key.

As a little Forth of July present, Lab Zero has opened the PC beta of fighting game success story Skullgirls to anyone who contributed $36 or more during its IndieGoGo campaign. Backers should check their Humble Bundle pages for a beta key, which they can put into Steam to download the beta client.

If you missed out on backing the project, you can still buy-in to the beta by purchasing the “Skullgirls Backer” item for $36 on Lab Zero’s official store. If you preordered the game from an outside retailer such as Gamersgate, sit tight, as Lab Zero has stated that “Yes, we will be honoring longstanding preorders. We’ll also be providing beta codes for those people, too.”

The Skullgirls IndieGoGo campaign has been one of the most heartwarming tales to come out of the crowdfunding service. Initially asking for just $150,000 to fund a single new DLC character and a PC version, the developer quickly raised over $800,000 from eager fans.

This extra money means Lab Zero will be able to develop five additional DLC characters, which will of course be released free of charge, and will be available for early testing in the PC version of the game. The two “Mystery” characters, which were chosen by a community vote, will be Eliza and Beowulf.

Squigly, the first DLC character, is available with the PC version, and the rest of the them will be released 3-4 months apart from each other. A Japanese arcade port of the game is also planned, and will include the five new characters.

Source: Twitter

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