The creator of this leather-bound, hand-drawn journal that chronicles his adventures across the lands of Skyrim estimates he spent one hour working on it for every two hours of gameplay.

The Khajiit mage M’Bhasa, no-more-informatively known in the real world as Wula the Imgur user, is a serious Skyrim fan. How serious is he? Serious enough that he decided to record his in-game experiences in a leather-bound book, complete with illustrations, using a calligraphy pen. He says he almost always wrote in the book after playing, and even kept notes after “particularly detail heavy” sessions.

The penmanship is rough at the beginning, as the author acknowledges, but it really starts to come together right around his discovery of Mehrunes’ Razor. The detail on the Ebony Mail illustration is even more impressive, and his efforts to learn the dragon language letter-by-letter are perhaps a tad obsessive but still very cool. The journal ultimately clocks in at 84 well-stuffed pages and ends on just about a perfect note – I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say that I can’t imagine a better way to wrap it up.

Like many good gamer nerds back in the day, I used graph paper to map my progress through games like The Bard’s Tale and Eye of the Beholder, and I thought that made me pretty hardcore. But the glory of this work makes me realize that I was playing in the minor leagues the whole time. So bravo to you, M’Bhasa – wherever you may be.

Source: Imgur

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