Skyrim Goes LEGO in Half-Moon Mill Rebuild


LEGO builder Pieter Dennison recently completed a brilliant LEGO recreation of Skyrim‘s Half-Moon Mill.

Why hasn’t there been more Skyrim LEGO? Seriously, it’s been four years since the game first came out and, while there’s been no lack for fan tributes to it, we haven’t seen too much in the way of notable LEGO builds based on the game. There have been some to be sure, but little on the scale that we’ve seen other franchises receive. It’s a shame too, because if one builder’s recent creation is any indicator, Skyrim and LEGO fit together like a pair of plastic bricks.

The build in question, pieced together by Flickr-user Pieter Dennison, was based on the Half-Moon Mill. Located north of Falkreath, the mill in the game seemed like little more than your standard lumber operation. There was more to it than that, of course, but we’ll refrain from spoiling things on the off chance that some of our readers have yet to play the game. As for Dennison’s recreation, his pictures do a good job of speaking for themselves. The build is impressively detailed, featuring a lot of nice terrain work and some nifty water effects.

All in all, it’s a nice diorama and just drives home how much we’d love to see other builders take on Skyrim and its vast countryside. Or, better yet, how fantastic it would be for LEGO to produce official sets that Skyrim fans could take home and build for themselves. We’re just saying, we’d pay a lot of money to get our hands on an official Sovngarde set.
Source: Flickr

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