Somehow the retro visuals and references to classic games make this unofficial Skyrim trailer the best one yet.

Tired of hearing about Skyrim yet? Don’t answer that. I’m gonna show you this trailer anyway.

That clip was uploaded by YouTube user “RubberRoss,” and though its not officially sanctioned by Bethesda, it really, really should be. And Nintendo. And Square Enix. And whoever owns the rights to Ski Free.

I’m not saying that Skyrim would be a better game if it let you shoot 8-bit dragons with a 25-year-old Zapper, or if you were constantly being menaced by stick figure yetis, but actually yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Basket shenanigans are fun, but everything is more epic when seen through the pixelated lense of misplaced nostalgia.

What’s that? A 28-year-old clinging desperately to the fleeting joys of his childhood? I know, we’re just full of cutting edge material, aren’t we?

Source: Kotaku

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