Skywind Team Reveals Glorious New “Savagery” Trailer


If the new Skywind “Savagery” trailer doesn’t make you want to trek back to Vvardenfell, you’d better check your pulse.

Morrowind is the greatest Elder Scrolls game ever made, and I’ll hear no more about it. That said, it is looking a little past its prime these days; it’s almost 14 years old, after all, which in video game terms is positively ancient. The good news for those of you who missed the glory days of the original is that Skywind will (someday) let you indulge in its brilliance without forcing you to give up any of the sweet eye candy you love.

Simply put, Skywind is Morrowind ported to the Skyrim engine. We gave you a rundown of the mega-mod earlier this month, but it bears repeating that this isn’t just a straight-up port of the original game; the 70-strong Skywind team is rebuilding Vvardenfell in its entirety with modern assets, so that the shattered island will look appropriately barren without being empty.

The “Savagery” trailer doesn’t go into the detail that the previous development video does, but it presents a far more cinematic look at the game and includes footage of content that isn’t yet available for public release. Awfully pretty, wouldn’t you say? There’s still no release date, but you can follow its progress at the Morroblivion forums.

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