Skywind, the Morrowind-in-Skyrim Mod, Gets Impressive Dev Video


The incredibly ambitious Skywind team now stands at over 70 members, including 30 dedicated voice actors.

Move over Falskaar, it seems like the Skywind team is also vying for the title of “Most Ambitious Skyrim Mod”. An official developer video for the mod, which aims to port the entirety of 2002’s Morrowind into 2011’s Skyrim, has surfaced, showing us that the game has become much more ambitious in recent months. The video reveals that while the project started with just 8 members in 2012, the team has now grown to over 70 members, including 30 dedicated voice actors.

“Unlike Morroblivion, it’s predecessor, the team did not want to just directly port the game into the updated engine,” says the video, explaining that the team wanted to create something that could be embraced by both Bethesda, and the Elder Scrolls community.

It explains that Morrowind, by today’s gaming standards, is pretty lackluster. It’s environments are very barren and plain, so a direct port would not be particularly impressive. So, the team has worked tirelessly to re-create all of the old game’s locations using assets and techniques from modern game design.

Custom creature, environment, and weapon and armor models help the mod stand out from vanilla Skyrim, and the mod will be, of course, fully-voiced acted.

If you’d like to know more about the mod, or, you’d like to lend your skills, be sure to check out the official forum. There’s no official release date for the mod yet, but when it is, it will be a free download, although it requires a copy of the original Morrowind to play.

Source: YouTube

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