If you want to get in on the action ahead of Slender‘s March launch, there is a way.

Wouldn’t you like to be scared witless by Slender: The Arrival right about now? Sure, you could wait until March 26th, when it pops up on PC – it’ll be a little later than that for the Mac version – but, should you decide to pre-order, you can get access to the beta build today.

“On launch day, the game will go on sale for $10,” says developer Blue Isle. “As a special gift to everyone pre-ordering, we’ve decided to let you give yourself a discount of up to 50%. You decide what to pay.” So that $10 retail can be reduced to a mere $5 but, if you’d like to pitch in a little extra to help an independent developer, other swag can be had. Pay $15, and you get a copy of the game’s soundtrack on release day. Go crazy-nuts, pay $25, and you get the soundtrack plus “5 downloadable high resolution paintings from the game,” says Blue Isle.

Interested in the pre-order bonuses, are you? In that event, follow this link right here. This should work for the Mac folks as well as the PC crowd. So, how scared would you like to be today?

Source: Slender The Arrival

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