Thank you to everyone that participated in The Escapist Slogan contest! There were so many awesome slogans and reasons behind them, we couldn’t pick just one, so we picked 5 to receive $50 gift certificates from

Here are the 5 winners:

Adair_the_Skull with “The Escapist, Break Free”
PedroSteckecilo with “The New Standard of Intelligent Gaming Culture”
Lvl 64 Klutz with “Profound. Gaming. Lifestyle”
maantren with “The Escapist: Good games. New worlds. Real people”
elbryan108 with “Where gamers THRIVE”

Also, I want to reiterate how difficult it was for us to select only 5 slogans. Most were truly creative, and we appreciate the support of our community members. The slogans and reasoning behind them gave us great insight into our awesome community and how to better serve it in the future.

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