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Slotherhouse Trailer Reveals Creepy Killer Sloth Ahead of August Premiere

Slotherhouse Trailer Reveals Creepy Killer Sloth Ahead of August Premiere

The chances that a sloth will kill you are low but never zero, and the trailer for Slotherhouse is proof (via IGN). The minute-long video introduces viewers to Alpha, a sloth who has been taken from her home and moved to be the mascot of a sorority. Although she isn’t the quickest killer in horror history, she’s definitely fast enough to take the lives of an unlucky few. The trailer is…ridiculous, but a few of the clips tease a film that is at least somewhat self-aware. Regardless, the Alpha puppet is so unsettling that it will no doubt stick in our minds until the movie premieres in theaters later this month. You can watch Alpha wreak havoc in the Slotherhouse trailer below.

It’s hard to tell if Slotherhouse takes itself more or less seriously than something like Cocaine Bear, but its set-up is just unbelievable enough that it just might work. The story follows Emily Young, a Sigma Lambda Theta senior who has her sights set on becoming president of her sorority. When Emily meets Alpha, she realizes a cute, unsuspecting sloth might be the perfect face for her campaign. After killings start to plague the sorority, the house’s candidate realizes there might be more to Alpha than meets the eye.

Slotherhouse was directed by Woe writer and director Matthew Goodhue, with Lisa Ambalavanar (Titans) starring as Emily. Also appearing in the film are Stefan Kapicic (Deadpool) as Oliver, Sydney Craven (EastEnders) as Brianna, and Olivia Rouyre (American Horror Stories) as Madison. Look forward to Slotherhouse when it uses its three sharp claws to tear into theaters on August 30.

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