Smash All of Joker’s Chattering Teeth in Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC

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Complete the collectibles hunt in Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC by breaking all fifteen of Joker’s chattering teeth.

Seagate, the abandoned theme park where Joker plots his latest kidnapping scheme, houses three different types of collectibles to open, pop, or smash. We covered Harley’s crates on our Batgirl DLC Jack-in-the-Box Locations Guide, but if you’re looking to find every single item scattered around the park, keep scrolling for exact instructions on these 15 breakable pranks.

If you’ve found a mysterious locked door or a few puzzles, and don’t know what to do, learn all about it with the Arkham Knight: Batgirl DLC ‘All Snug in Their Beds’ Trophy Guide for all the help you’ll need.

Joker Teeth Collectibles Guide

There are fifteen hidden Joker Teeth in the main area of Seagate Park. Some are hidden inside the attractions, so listen for a chattering sound. These collectibles make a return appearance from the XP-rewarding prank toys in Arkham Asylum.

The chattering teeth cannot be missed. Once the DLC story is complete, the main area of the park can be explored fully. Use Detective Vision to spot the orange teeth from far away. Target with a batarang to break and collect.

Note: Balloons are the easiest collectible to uncover alone. Use Detective Vision and survey the park from above to quickly spot them all. Every balloon is out in the open in the main park area. Target the balloons with a batarang or use quick-batarang to pop.

Chattering Teeth Locations

  • Teeth #1: At the start of the DLC, Batgirl exits a warehouse and scans the park for hostages as she exits through the roof. The first collectible is in the room she exits, accessible through the roof. You should walk across this during normal progress.
  • Teeth #2: South of the tall oil derrick tower, there’s a smaller building with a water tower on the roof. Beneath the water tower, look on the roof area near the Harley box.
  • Teeth #3: Just north of the Ferris Wheel platform area, there’s a main bridge leading back to the main park. The bridge is collapsed, with the teeth on the fallen boards below.
  • Teeth #4: North of the Ferris Wheel and near the condemned circus tent in the corner of the map, there are two metal rusted silos. Look on the stand roof south of the larger silo.
  • Teeth #5: Just north of the condemned circus tent, there’s a metal gate just outside. Use Detective Vision to easily spot it near the bigtop.
  • Teeth #6: South of the entrance, and attached to the northwest corner platform with the ‘High Strikes’ attraction. There’s a rusted metal silo here, visible with Detective Vision from the puzzle area.
  • Teeth #7: Beneath the ‘High Strikes’ attraction, jump the low barriers to reach the short entrance hallway between the Seagate mascot’s teeth and the bomb arena.
  • Teeth #8: Jump down from the huge ‘Great White’ coaster attraction and look in the structure beneath the bomb arena inside the shark. There’s a Knife Thrower stage with your next teeth collectible.
  • Teeth #9: Attached to the ‘Great White’ shark statue, there’s a locked side-entrance with stairs leading down to a metal silo. On top of this silo is another Joker collectible.
  • Teeth #10: Between the ‘Ghost Ship’ and ‘Great White’ attractions, you’ll find a boardwalk with several game stands. On the path between fair stands, you should be able to spot a chattering teeth toy.
  • Teeth #11: Search the locked main entrance of the ‘Ghost Ship’ attraction. The front of the ship is modeled into a scary face with sharp teeth. Check under those teeth to find the next teeth.
  • Teeth #12: Along the south edge of the Seagate map, start at the bumper car attraction entrance found next to the ‘Ghost Ship’ area. Travel west down the wooden boardwalk with benches and a food cart with Detective Vision active to quickly spot this collectible.
  • Teeth #13: Next to the bumper car ride, there’s a two-story maintenance building with a puzzle inside. Check outside the open window on the northeastern edge of the bumper car maintenance building, found beneath the huge crane.
  • Teeth #14: Inside the ‘Ghost Ship’ cabin, clear the predator thugs and look behind the bar counter.
  • Teeth #15: Just north of the ‘Ghost Ship’ is a small food stand lit up in the northeastern corner of the park. It’s down the steps from the bandstand area contained another Harley box.

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

A Blade of Memory:
Destroy all Teeth, Balloons, and Jack-in-the-Boxes.

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