Rebellion has a new game, and it’s all about cardio, as this trailer demonstrates.

If you can tell the world why this man is running, in full military kit, through a war-torn wasteland, well done you; but whatever it is, it’s Rebellion’s latest project, and we’ll know more about it in February.

“One man is utterly alone amidst the chaos of war,” says Rebellion. It invites you to explore the ‘Totraum’, which may, or may not, be French for ‘luxury vacation spot.’ Bring all the family, sit by the pool sipping Belgian Orange Blossoms; the other guests will be arriving shortly. There’s a Heil Gotterdammerung in the description somewhere, in case you were wondering when this one’s set.

For more information, there’s a sign-up page for email Priority One communiqués here. Incidentally, for those wondering whether this might be a 2000 AD related title – it is Rebellion, after all – all signs point to No.

Source: Rebellion

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