Snoop Lion’s “Get Away” Music Video Offers Pokemon Homage


Musician Snoop Dogg’s music video for “Get Away” features Pokemon and classic side-scrolling games.

Hip hop, rap, and R&B artist Snoop Dogg – or more recently, Snoop Lion – participates in Pokemon battles and in-the-air shootouts. Done in the style of old videogames, “Get Away” is quite different from Snoop Dogg’s earlier material.

A large portion of the “Get Away” music video uses the style from older Pokemon games as a pixelated Snoop Dogg character walks through a town. The buildings, signs, and text boxes look just like they do in Pokemon. To top it off, the bottom of the video reads “red/yellow/green version.” After some short exploration, Snoop meets a character named Lazer, the character for song producer Major Lazer. The two have a Pokemon battle.

About halfway through the video, the two take to the sky in a side-scrolling shooter to fight tanks and a floating sound system with eyes. In a somewhat repetitive battle, Snoop and Lazer emerge victorious, and a red, yellow, and green “Stage Clear” flashes.

Previously Snoop Dogg appeared in a trailer to promote Rayman Legends for Xbox One and PS4, and he has his own fighting game called Way of the Dogg in which the player character trains under Snoop Dogg.

“Get Away” is a song from Snoop Dogg’s latest album, Reincarnated, and departs the hip hop genre for more of a reggae feel. The music video was directed by Ashten “Whoopi” Winger and animated by Mykola Dosenko.

Source: YouTube

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