Future London and lots of fighting are definitely involved.

Once there was a webpage, and a countdown timer; now there’s a teaser trailer, but details are sketchy about whatever this PlayStation title Panopticon might be. It’s alternate future, probably set in London for the most part, and appears to involve some kind of prison state in which the penalty for … actually that’s not at all clear, but anyway the penalty for whatever-it-is involves cyber dragons. And surgery. Possibly also countdown timers, and lots of combat. Because why not?

The name itself is fairly evocative, but whether it’s trying to reference the English prison design by Jeremy Bentham, intended to allow warders to watch inmates without letting the inmates know they’re under surveillance, or something else altogether is an open question. The website also features a date, 21st May 2013, when – presumably – more will be revealed.

Until then, we’ll just have to be patient.

Source: PlayStation

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