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Soccer Kids Is a Turn-Based Soccer Story from the Darkwood Dev, Demo Out Now

Darkwood developer Acid Wizard Studio reveals an alpha demo for Soccer Kids, a turn-based strategy sports game set in 90s Poland.

Darkwood developer Acid Wizard Studio has revealed an alpha demo for Soccer Kids, a turn-based strategy sports game and the studio’s next project. Don’t worry, if you’re not a sports fan, there may still be something here for you, as the game’s Steam page warns that this is a game “made by people who suck at playing soccer.” You play as a teenage mat wizard who wants to group up with his friends and win a local tournament. It takes place in a ‘90s Poland that is transitioning from a socialist republic into a free market democracy. Acid Wizard published a trailer celebrating its alpha demo release, so for a better look at Soccer Kids before you hop in for yourself, you can watch the trailer below.

The Soccer Kids alpha demo comes with a small taste of what will eventually become a full-fledged strategy sports adventure. For now, players can enjoy the tutorial with AI, local, and online battles also supported. Of course, all of the content is subject to change, but it’s still a great opportunity to jump in on the ground floor of an interesting game from an unlikely studio.

Acid Wizard is best known for its work on Darkwood, a top-down survival horror game that drew praise for its lack of hand-holding, eerie atmosphere, and tense gameplay. Needless to say, Soccer Kids isn’t exactly what many pictured when imagining what the studio was up to next. Even if it doesn’t adopt the vibes of the developer’s previous title, it’s at least one to keep an eye on. You can download the demo on Steam now while we wait for any further updates.

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