Solid Snake’s Voice Actor Joins The Long Dark Team


This Kickstarter project is so close to the finish line it can taste it.

Hinterland, the new studio behind Kickstarter project The Long Dark, is so close to its destination it can taste it. Its goal, $200,000, has been met with plenty of cash to spare, and there’s only 48 hours left to go. But those 48 hours could be the best so far for the team, as Hinterland has made a last-minute announcement: David Hayter, the voice actor best known for his work on the Metal Gear series as Solid Snake, is joining the project.

“David’s years of experience bringing the complex, multi-layered character of Solid Snake to life make him ideal for delivering the kind of deep, character-driven storytelling that players will discover in The Long Dark,” says Hinterland. The Long Dark is the story of William Mackenzie, bush pilot, who crashes his plane deep in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. It’s up to him to work out how not to freeze to death, while at the same time figuring out just what those mysterious lights he saw just before the crash might mean, both for him and the world. Because it’s not just Mackenzie’s problem; the world may have changed for good, with the complete failure of all technology, and you need to work out just how far you’re prepared to go in order to survive.

Hayter’s not alone. Two cast have already been named – Mark Meer and Elias Toufexis – and there could be more “unnamed talent,” as Hinterland puts it, to come. Hinterland itself is stuffed full of AAA talent – its members have worked on everything from The Unfinished Swan to L.A. Noire – and if The Long Dark takes off, it could be the dawn of a bright new future for this studio. When it releases, it will be a PC, Mac and Linux title – the team can’t commit to consoles yet – and will probably ship October 2014.

Source: Kickstarter

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