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Don’t get tripped up by the tricky puzzles of the Futaba Palace dungeon in Persona 5 — here are solutions for all the murals and holograms.

When you’re not making friends or studying for tests, the characters of Persona 5 delve into spectral dungeons to rob from demons. Each ‘Palace’ has its own theme, and Futaba offers a series of brain-scratching puzzles. They’re really not too tough, but if you’re struggling with any aspect of this section, we’ve got you covered.

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Futaba Palace Puzzle Solutions Guide

There are two types of puzzles to solve in Futaba Palace — black murals and holograms.

Mural Puzzle #1

On the hieroglyphic slate, the sections appear out of order. There are five total sections. Let’s go over the sections — where they’re positioned, and how they should be moved.

  • Slate #1: Two Suits – Move to position #4.
  • Slate #2: Goddess – Don’t move. She’s in the correct position #2.
  • Slate #3: One Suit – Move to position #5.
  • Slate #4: Back of Bird – Move to position #1.
  • Slate #5: Scepter & Hand – Move to position #3.

Follow those instructions to complete the image.

Hologram Puzzle #1

In this chamber, you’ll find six holographic orbs. Interact with the panel to turn the orbs on or off.

  • Disable the following orbs: From left-to-right — #2, #4, #6.

Press the stone slab button to open the exit door.

Hologram Puzzle #2

Just like the previous puzzle, you’ll need to deactivate the correct orbs. This time, there are two columns of terminals — one left, one right. Select the orbs listed below.

  • Disable the following orbs: From front-to-back — Left #5, Left #2, Left #1, Right #4, Right #3.

Activate the stone slab to open the exit door.

Mural Puzzle #2

This mural is a little more complex. Instead of simply moving the panels, you’ll also need to rotate them to create a full image.

The panel on the left is properly in place — that leaves 6 sections and three rotation points. Follow the exact instructions below to solve this puzzle.

  • 1. From left-to-right, there are six triangular sections and three rectangular slates.
  • 2. Select #6 and swap with #4.
  • 3. Rotate slate #3 (position #5 / #6) so the car is right-side up.
  • 4. Swap position #6 with #4, then #4 with #2.
  • 5. Rotate slate #1 (position #1 / #2) to complete the mural.

Mural Puzzle #3

This is a more complicated puzzle — there are two rows (top and bottom) with 5 sections. That’s a total of 10 slates that also need to be rotated. Each slate can be rotated individually. The slates below are numbered from left-to-right.

  • Top #1: Yellow Wing – Move to Top #2. Rotate.
  • Top #2: Yellow Wing / Wall – Move to Top #1. Rotate.
  • Top #3: Blue Wing – Move to Top #4. Don’t rotate.
  • Top #4: Black-Clad Woman – Move to Top #3 Rotate.
  • Top #5: Wall & Table – Move to Bottom #1. Rotate.
  • Bottom #1: Blue Wing & Wall – Move to Top #5. Rotate.
  • Bottom #2: Wall – Move to Bottom #5. Rotate.
  • Bottom #3: Little Girl – Move to Bottom #2. Don’t rotate.
  • Bottom #4: Legs – Move to Bottom #3. Rotate
  • Bottom #5: Chair – Move to Bottom #4. Rotate

With the added amount of sections, it can be tricky moving them around without throwing off the rest of the puzzle. Take your time and align each piece to successfully complete the image.

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