Someone Dumped an Album of Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art Online

Star Wars Episode VII Concept Art 310x

“This AT-AT has seen better days,” and 31 other pieces of reported Star Wars: Episode VII character, vehicle, and landscape concept art.

Thank you, (presumed) random Bad Robot, Lucasfilm, and/or Disney employee, for sharing this Star Wars: Episode VII concept art gallery with all the world.

The usual spoiler warning applies here, for the faint of heart.

An anonymous source shared the original ImageShack album with us, uploaded by the appropriately named “themillenniumfalcon.” The gallery has 32 pieces of reported concept art, ranging from unnamed characters to starship blueprints to burned-out AT-AT’s-turned makeshift wasteland bases.

Even the Chrome Trooper makes an appearance, if I’m looking at this image correctly.

While this is not the first Star Wars: Episode VII-related leak, it might be the biggest, assuming the images are legitimate. We’ve had plenty of Stormtrooper, Chrome Trooper, Millennium Falcon, and plot talk here in the past, but never an art dump quite like this.

Take a look, and talk about your favorite pieces in the comments.

Source: ImageShack

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