Someone Wants To Buy Kingdoms of Amalur

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning screen

The skeletal remains of 38 Studios is ready to sell off its only remaining asset.

38 Studios’ well-documented meltdown not only left dozens of developers unemployed and Rhode Island politicians scrabbling to find excuses for the fact they gave $75 million to an unproven game development start up, it also left a surprisingly good new IP swaying in the wind.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the first installment in what was supposed to be a multi-genre fantasy franchise, was launched to a warm critical response and, for a new IP, impressive sales. According to studio head, Curt Schilling, who sadly wasn’t quite as good as managing a development studio as he was at throwing a ball really fast, claims the game shifted 1.3 million copies in its first 90 days. Not bad for a new IP from an unproven developer. It wasn’t quite enough to save studio, which declared bankruptcy after missing several loan payments to the state.

Fortunately, the end of 38 Studios might not mean the end of Amalur. What remains of the studio is trying to sell off the game and its accompanying assets in an attempt to clear the $130 million debt. According to The Providence Journal, an unnamed party has already shown an interest in the title.

“Who knows what the value ultimately will be,” said Providence lawyer, Richard J. Land. “But there is interest in the assets.”

Schilling might just need that money too. Last November, the State of Rhode Island sued the former pitcher and 13 others in a separate attempt to recoup the $130 million debt. The next hearing in that case is set for Wednesday.

Source: The Providence Journal via Polygon

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