Sony has confirmed that the name for the Playstation 3’s controller is SIXAXIS.

Sony has confirmed on its Playstation Japan website today that the Playstation 3 controller is named “SIXAXIS”. The controller will be priced at 5,000 Yen ($43) and is planned for a Japan launch on November 11th. Using a USB conector cable, the SIXAXIS will be able to convert from a wireless to a wired controller. Wireless controllers will feature approximately 30 hours of gaming.

The Playstation Japan site has also added a Playstation 3 memory adapter and Blu-Ray player remote. For 1,500 Yen ($13), PS3 owners will be able to transfer PS2 and PSX game saves from old memory cards onto the Playstation 3 hard drive, thereby helping the system’s backwards comptability capabilites by allowing users to continue playing PS2 and PSX game saves on their new systems. On December 7th, Sony will release a Blu-Ray movie remote for 3,600 Yen ($31).

The SIXAXIS trademark was originally discovered by Luke Smith of 1Up while rummaging through Sony’s patent records on the name, and Sony delayed to confirm the use of the trademark until October 3rd.

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