Sony Apologetic Over UK Price Cuts


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Andrew House has said that the £50 drop on the PS3 in the UK was the best Sony could do.

With the official arrival of the new, slim PS3, much of the opposition that Sony has faced when trying to sell the console has been stripped away, but Sony acknowledges that UK gamers might feel a little hard done by.

“Consumers will absolutely always say £100 off is better than £50,” admitted SCEE President Andrew House, “but within the current regiment we have right now we have done as much as we are able to.”

The £50 House refers to is the amount cut from the PS3 price, the lowest percentage decrease of any territory. In the US and Europe, the price dropped by roughly 25%, while UK consumers have seen a reduction of only 17%. The price cut brings the PS3 closer into line with Microsoft’s pricing for the Xbox 360, but it still remains the most expensive console in the UK market in terms of initial cost.

House implies that the relatively small price cut is the result of orders from higher up the chain than himself, and given his position, suggests that the Sony head office is worrying about the UK numbers.

Source: MCV

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