Sony Confirms Xfire Deal


Sony confirmed yesterday that Xfire, the popular PC matchmaking software, will be producing a middleware solution for the PS3.

Sporting a feature not unlike Microsoft’s Live Anywhere, the Xfire deal will allow for PS3 to PC in-game connectivity. The announcement completes a rumored deal in the works from September, and signals an Sony’s interest in supporting third party middleware for the system.

Speaking on Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, a PS3 launch title and the first to incorporate Xfire compatibility, Xfire CEO Mike Cassidy said, “Many Xfire gamers and game publishers have been asking us about a version of Xfire for console play for some time now. Working with SOE on one of their highly anticipated PlayStation 3 launch titles is a very exciting beginning for Xfire’s new console game product.”

Xfire also announced that it had been given the tools to create an SDK for developer use that will enable certain Xfire features. For example, Xfire’s more than 5 million registered PC gamers will be able to see whenever their friends are playing PS3 games that incorporate the Xfire SDK.

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