Sony Cuts Price of PS2


Looks like the rumors from yesterday that Sony would be announcing a price cut for the PlayStation 3 were halfway true: Price cut yes, PS3 no.

Time sure flies in the videogame industry – okay, maybe it doesn’t, but it sure feels like it sometimes. Street Fighter is two decades old, it’s been thirteen years since Super Mario 64 defined 3D platforming, and it’s been ten years since Sony announced development of the successor to the Playstation.

We all know the story. Despite a shaky launch, the PS2 took the world by storm, crushing Sega’s Dreamcast and becoming the most popular game console of all time with a whopping 140 million (approximately) units sold. Even now, in the console’s waning years, with its high-powered big brother the new darling of the family, the PS2 is still trucking along with titles like Persona 4 still being released.

In the event that you’re one of the fourteen people left on Earth who has never owned a PS2, you can now acquire one for cheap – $30 cheaper, in fact. Sony announced today that it would be cutting the price of the PS2 from $129 USD to $99 USD: That’s right, you can now get a PS2 for under $100! …well, before taxes, anyway.

Sure, it’s not a PS3 price cut, but it’s still, uh, something? It’s the thought that counts, right?


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