Sony has delayed the release of the PlayStation 3 version of its popular karaoke videogame SingStar, citing a need for further testing.

Promotional copies of the game have apparently been sent out to journalists, with some reviews already appearing, but they do not allow access to online functionality over the PlayStation Network. Although initially slated for a November 13 launch in North America, a report on says Sony is no longer offering a specific release date.

“We want to ensure that consumers have the best possible experience when playing SingStar on PlayStation 3,” Sony said in a statement. “We are therefore taking extra time to test the downloadable content and community features of SingStar to ensure that it is as rich, simple and accessible a SingStar experience as possible.” There have also been rumors that the game is complete but awaiting the resolution of licensing issues, as SingStar features original artist recordings rather than covers.

First released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004, SingStar grew into a large and popular franchise for the company, with numerous sequels released in various languages. The PlayStation 3 release of the game is expected to play a big role in Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Home social and gaming network, which is scheduled to debut in early 2008.

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