Sony’s ad campaign for the PS4 is off to a much better start than last generation’s oddball approach.

It doesn’t look like Sony’s ever going to live down its bizarre advertising campaign for the PS3’s launch, but at least the company learned from its mistakes. With exactly one month left until the big PlayStation 4 launch, Sony has released a solid new ad spot featuring a “perfect day” of gaming bliss, to the delightful tune of the Lou Reed song. And who doesn’t love a peaceful little sing-a-long while gleefully slaying your enemies online?

Check the video out for yourself, especially if you’re an Elder Scrolls or Killzone fan. Both games get the live-action treatment as a nod to The Elder Scrolls Online and Killzone: Shadow Fall, which are both headed to the PS4. There’s also some nondescript racing game; if you can tell which one it’s supposed to be then you’ve got a better eye for this than I do. (Update: Thanks to jct31294 for identifying it as Drive Club!)

Personally I think the Michael commercial is Sony’s best ad so far, but this is still quality stuff. Expect to see more ads like this when the PS4 goes live on November 15.

Source: PlayStation

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