It would appear that Sony sees a lot more trips to court over piracy and hacking in its future, and is hiring staff accordingly.

Sony has no shortage of lawyers, but it’s clearly decided that it needs a few more. Two job listings from SCEA show that Sony is looking for people to join a new, dedicated anti-piracy legal team.

The first listing is for a Senior Corporate Counsel for Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection. The main duties of the role include putting together a corporate anti-piracy plan for Sony, liaising with anti-piracy groups and trade bodies, and overseeing piracy lawsuits. The second listing is for a Senior Paralegal for Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection, whose job is to provide support for the Senior Counsel, liaise with other lawyers, and help with training for law enforcement personnel.

Both posts require a deep level of knowledge of copyright and trademark law and litigation, as well as at least ten years of experience working with copyright law, and at least three dealing specifically with anti-piracy and brand protection. There are also some investigative elements required, such as knowing how to track down the owners and administrators of websites.

What’s clear is that Sony isn’t expecting its complaint against hacker George Hotz to be the last time it heads to court over piracy issues. Quite the opposite in fact, if it has decided that it needs to hire people specifically to oversee and co-ordinate the cases.

Source: IGN

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