Sony Europe and Media Molecule are giving away free Sackboy dolls to anyone in the UK. All you have to is sign away your soul (not really).

As much as I love Freedom Fries and The Constitution, I do sometimes wish I lived in the UK. People there have cool accents. There’s better curry. Also, they, at least in this instance, have the more generous branch of Sony’s hyperglobal megacorporation, because Sony Europe are giving away woolen Sackboy dolls to “all our UK and Irish friends.”

What about your American friends, huh? Anyway, if you meet the qualifications for this giveaway, all you have to do is subscribe to the official UK LittleBigPlanet channel on YouTube, then send a message over YouTube to that account with your name and address, or send an email to [email protected], presumably with proof that you’re following them on YouTube. That’s that, and they’ll mail you a woolen Sackboy toy.

Only catch is that you need to have that done by July 1. Considering the amount of postage Sony Europe’s going to be blowing on this promotion, I probably wouldn’t expect to be getting the toy until months from then, but I have no faith in the postal service.

Aside from that, I can’t see any reason not to do this if you’re in the UK and enjoy cuddly and overbearingly cute things. Of course, it could all be an evil plan and Sony Europe’s stuffed the toys full of evil brainwashing gas that’ll make you go out and buy 20 PS3s, but for Sackboy, I’d be willing to take that risk.


UPDATE: So it seems that the promotion is up, and that Sony didn’t actually have enough Sackboys for everyone in the UK. They only had 5000, so those first lucky 5000 subscribers will get their toy shipped in “next few weeks” while the next 3000 people who subscribed are getting a free Sackboy t-shirt. Not a bad deal if you got in that first bunch.

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