Sony Has a Secret to Tell in Three Weeks


PlayStation 3 owners can look forward to a new exclusive reveal the day after the Spike TV Video Game Awards.

As a lifelong gamer, the Spike TV Video Game Awards can be hard to watch the whole way through, but that’s typically true with all awards shows. For better or worse, the network has evidently been attempting to appeal to the more hardcore audience by hosting exclusive videogame reveals in the show’s recent history. New information has made it likely that Sony will participate in such a reveal at this year’s event to tease an upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Sony recently sent out a message asking that the press “save the date” of December 12, 2010 for an “exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal.” The message also specifically mentions that it will occur “the day following the Spike Video Game Awards,” so it’ll likely be attached to the event in some way.

If you ask me, the message means that Sony will tease its PS3 exclusive at the VGAs with a trailer, and fully reveal it the day after. Thankfully, the tease will only last until 2PM PST the following day when Sony shows off what it’s currently hiding under a tarp somewhere.

Sony now joins the ranks of other companies like BioWare and THQ planning to reveal new projects at the 2010 VGAs. BioWare has been dropping hints about something rumored to be Mass Effect related, while THQ is uncovering a Guillermo del Toro project rumored to be an interdimensional RPG epic. Sony’s mystery reveal doesn’t have any associated rumors just yet, but it could be anything from Uncharted 3 to something brand new. Speculate at will.

Source: Joystiq

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