If you live in Germany and are wondering what happened to that PS3 hacking tool you purchased, we’ve got some bad news for you …

Sony really seems to hate PS3 hackers, though up until this point, the company has been content to ban them from the PSN. Now, however, the company is threatening a number of Germans who bought a hacking tool with lawsuits and fines.

According to GamePolitics, a forum user on DC EMU UK forums translated an article that explained how German customs officials seized a shipment of PS3 Break dongles. Sony is now going after all the people who had purchased the devices, issuing cease-and-desist letters and threatening further legal action.

Basically, Sony is demanding that the customers sign a letter stating they will “no longer import, distribute or use any device that allows the PS3’s copy protection to be bypassed”. If a user breaks the contract, they can be liable for fines starting at roughly $7,100. If the would-be hackers refuse to sign the letter, they’re apparently liable for legal action.

Up until now, Sony’s really only seemed to directly go after the sellers and manufacturers of hacking tools. Going after the people who buy these tools doesn’t seem like a move that will win a lot of public approval.

Source: GamePolitics

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