Sony’s new PlayStation ad serves up a hilarious ensemble cheer to the true heroes of gaming.

Is it too late to slip in another zing at Sony for the oddball ads it served up in the early days of the PlayStation 3? Probably, but I think it bears a mention anyway, if only to remind everyone of the huge turnaround from the days of the freaky baby doll to the era of Kevin Butler. Whatever advertising mojo Sony found when it came up with the idea of the B-Man (he’s not a real vice-president of anything, you know), it’s obviously still got it.

Who do you recognize? I see Nathan Drake, Ghost, the guy from Infamous, Joe Mauer, Solid Snake, Kratos and… Sweettooth and Sackboy playing chess? It’s like some Bizarro World Romper Room in there.

Nicely done, Sony, and to you too, Michael. Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

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