Sony has entered into a deal with real-money trading company Live Gamer to create a new, independent web-based service that will give gamers “anytime, anywhere” access to the virtual marketplace.

The Warcry Network has reported on the deal, which will also see the new Live Gamer Exchange service take the place of Sony’s current Station Exchange system in EverQuest II. The two companies are also working together to provide a smooth transition for current Station Exchange users as they migrate to Live Gamer Exchange. Station Exchange, established in 2005, allowed users to take part in real-money trading without the risk of fraud and poor service inherent in “black market” RMT.

“Station Exchange was an enormous success for us,” said Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley. “It quickly established trust, acceptance and viability as a real money marketplace, significantly reduced customer support calls, and offered a way to combat gold farming. The Live Gamer team is distinctively qualified to grow this market to its full potential. We also believe that because the Live Gamer service will be supporting other publishers’ games, it will be uniquely able to fight farming with a sanctioned secondary market service.”

“Sony Online Entertainment took a very proactive approach in addressing consumer demand for real money trading of virtual items and an important step in combating gold farming, fraud and regulatory issues by launching the Station Exchange,” added Live Gamer President Andrew Schneider. “Live Gamer can now leverage SOE’s experience and offer an independent, market-tested, secure and proven solution for gamers and the game community at large.”

Warcry will have further information on the deal, as well as interviews with Smedley and Schneider, later today. More information about the new service is available at and

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