Sony Marks EverQuest’s Ninth Anniversary


Sony will be celebrating the ninth anniversary of the launch of EverQuest with a variety of in-game and fabled events beginning this weekend.

The first events marking the occasion will be connected to the Planes of Power, the 2002 expansion that introduced new game zones in the form of non-planetary “Planes.” Beginning March 16, an NPC in the Plane of Tranquility named Garin Tvalish will begin handing out bags and clue books to players as part of a scavenger hunt for items featured in the Planes of Power expansion. Players will have to decipher the book’s hints, then collect the items and combine them in the bag to receive a special in-game reward.

Another month-long event linked to the divinities and servants introduced in the Planes of Power will begin on the same day, with familiar characters including the Thunder Giant Hreidar Lynhiilig and Rallos Zek the Warlord having their might increased to provide a proper challenge for current players. Loot value has also been cranked up to properly reward gamers willing to throw down with the Gods.

“It’s a great feeling to know that after nearly a decade, and fourteen expansions, EverQuest still resonates so positively with people all over the world,” said Sony Online Entertainment Producer Clint Worley. “Alongside its flourishing community, the in-game world is still going strong and changing daily, further proving EverQuest is a living and breathing virtual world that will stay active into the foreseeable future.”

More information about EverQuest’s ninth anniversary celebration events, along with special downloadable items, a timeline poster and contest links, check out Sony’s EverQuest website.

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