Sony May Add Backward Compatibility to the PS4


According to tipster Ahsan Rasheed, local PS2/PS1 support on PS4 with native 1080p rendering for select titles is coming.

Tipster Ahsan Rasheed, who has a pretty impeccable track record when it comes to leaks, has stated over Twitter that PS2/PS1 backward compatibility is coming to the PS4. He added that 1080p rendering for select titles would also be available, and that the PS4 is going to get some upgrades to its Bluray and media player.

In a second Tweet, Rasheed claimed that the software is still buggy and not every game works, but it’s still reason enough to get excited. It seems to be that this functionality will come with the launch of PlayStation Now, which will also allow streaming of PlayStation 3 games.

He then talked a little about Project Morpheus, Sony’s new VR initiative, stating that the company wants to hear as much criticism of the device from third-party developers, most likely to help improve the product.

Backward compatibility is one of those things that console games had kind of accepted isn’t going to happen anymore. The PS3 was initially backward compatible by a single generation, and the Xbox One and PS4 have ditched it completely. Only the Wii U is natively backward compatible.

But if what Rasheed is saying is true, then that’s huge news for fans of legacy titles, as it would mean the PS4 would be backwards compatible a whole three generations, second only to the PC in terms backward compatibility.

Source: Twitter via VG24/7

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