PlayStation 4 Eye

The PS4 Eye camera was not included in the launch for the PS4 console in order to keep the price at $399.

Sony could have bundled its PlayStation 4 Eye Camera with all PS4 consoles for launch like Xbox One and the new version of Kinect; however, Sony dropped the inclusion of the camera to maintain the lower price of the PS4 at $399 when compared to the $499 Xbox One. The PS4 Eye is a motion- and voice-sensing peripheral.

Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO, told Business Spectator that the exclusion of the Eye will not hurt PS4 sales. “The vast majority of the audience that we speak to tells us that their primary wish is for the full controller interface and there’s not necessarily a huge emphasis being placed on camera interaction,” House said.

According to Business Spectator, Sony is losing $60 on each PS4 sale by selling it at $399. The company tried to include the camera and leave the $399 price mark where it is, but it would have meant losing even more money on each sale, which Sony hopes to make back by selling software, services, and extra hardware like the Eye.

House said Sony may bundle the Eye with each PS4 later in the console’s lifespan, but he iterated the PS4’s core audience emphasizes a full controller interface over camera interaction.

Certain regions will have a launch-day bundle including the PS4 Eye, but Sony said that is “a decision to be made at the regional level closer to the launch date.” The Eye will retail at $59 separately.

Source: Business Spectator via Engadget

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