A memo to development partners reveals that Sony expects the PlayStation Store to be back online on May 24.

Sony may have gotten the PlayStation Network back in operation this week, enabling users to play online and chat with their friends, but the PlayStation Store still remains “under maintenance.” According to a memo sent to development partners, that could be remedied in less than a week.

Gamasutra obtained a copy of the memo that gives the content release schedule planned once the PlayStation Store comes back online. It reveals that Sony plans to revive the digital storefront on Tuesday, May 24.

On that date, Sony will begin a twice-per-week publishing schedule to catch up for the PlayStation Store’s downtime. On May 24, it’ll release content originally scheduled to be released on April 26. On May 27, it’ll release the content scheduled for May 3. The following week will see two similar releases.

“If there are concerns, we are willing to consider adjusting the release date of your content on this schedule,” the memo reads. “Adjustments will be made on a case by case basis.”

No matter how you look at it, any company that planned to release content on the PlayStation Store in the past month got royally screwed. Don’t take my word for it. When the store comes back up, I’m sure there’ll be a push by gamers that have been dying to download this or that, but many will also be content with the free games Sony is awarding as part of its “welcome back” program.

The leaked memo isn’t official confirmation, but Sony has said that it planned the PSN to be in full operation by the end of May, so it jives with that timetable.

Source: Gamasutra

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